to what is taking place in your heart

Julien felt abashed, as though he himself were specially to blame for thissilence. This Beats By Dre sensation was a hundred times more painful when theywere alone. His imagination, full of the most extravagant, the most Span-ish notions as to what a man ought to say, when he is alone with a wo-man, offered him in his agitation none but inadmissible ideas. His soulwas in the clouds, and yet he was incapable of breaking the most humili-ating silence. Thus his air of severity, during his long walks with Ma-dame The cure was genuinely de-lighted at his friend’s good fortune; but his surprise was great when Juli-en informed him with a resolute air that Miss Elisa’s offer could not beaccepted.’Pay good heed, my son, to what is taking place in your heart,’ said thecure, frowning; ‘I congratulate you on your vocation, if it is to it alonethat must be ascribed your scorn of a more than adequate provision. Forfifty-six years and more have I been cure at Verrieres, and yet, so far asone can see, I am going to be deprived. This distresses me, albeit I havean income of eight hundred livres. I tell you of this detail in order thatyou may not be under any illusion as to what is in store for you in thepriestly calling. If you think of paying court to the men in power, youreternal ruin is assured. You may make your fortune, but you will have toinjure the poor and needy, flatter the Sub-Prefect, the Mayor, the import-ant person, and minister to his passions: such conduct, which in theworld is called the art of life, may, in a layman, be not wholly incompat-ible with salvation; but in our calling, we have to choose; we must makeour fortune either in this world or in the next, there is no middle way.Go, my dear friend, reflect, and come back in three days’ time with a def-inite answer. I am sorry to see underlying your character, a smoulderingardour which does not suggest to my mind the moderation and complete46renunciation of earthly advantages necessary in a priest; I augur wellfrom your intelligence; but, allow me to tell you,’ the good cure went on,with tears in his eyes, ‘in the calling of a priest, I shall tremble for yoursalvation.’Julien was ashamed of his emotion; for the first time in his life, he sawhimself loved; he wept for joy, and went to hide his tears in the greatwoods above Verrieres.’Why am I in this state?’ he asked himself at length; ‘I feel that I wouldgive my life a hundred times over for that good Father Chelan, and yethe has Cheap Dre Beats just proved to me that I am no better than a fool. It is he above allthat I have to deceive, and he sees through me.