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1111 Monster lists the Beats Solo HD at $229, but you can usually get them for $200 at Amazon, Best Buy, and other stores. There are four colors to choose from. The original Solos come in black or white with red accents. There’s also a special (PRODUCT)RED edition that is, naturally, red with silver accents. As always, a portion of the proceeds directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. Finally, there is the newest addition Monster Beats Dr Dre to the 2222 Solo family: Just Beats. These Solos are named for Justin Bieber and come in his favorite color: purple. (I am not making this up.) If someone on your list has BieberFever, these are the perfect stocking stuffers.Music has called, life more so-called!!!!!On March 4, 2011, the famous brand in the sound Monster audio 19 th Shanghai international advanced Hi Fi-demo conference was held at the 2011 launch.In 2008 the first set foot sound headphones market, has spread around the world and get out and other stars of support force eason chan Beats Studio “recording engineer” headphones and inherits the Gaga personality and art if the designed for women of design object type Heartbeats “enchanted” 3333 headphones in 2011, after the sound more gaining momentum, and in this conference comes out with six of higher quality, more fashionable new headphones-Beats Pro, iBeats, Solar, PowerBeats iSport Tron, at the same time, and also shows the sound the electro case headphones.Beats By Dre Monster is a was established in 1979, is specialized in audio fever wire, founder of the company or a beauty of Chinese descent. At home, the past no earplugs brand, is generally called before Monster “Monster”, and “Monster line” is highly the geek has advanced audio transmission wire. The Monster “Beats” Monster earplugs brand it is in this kind of background was born out of it.In 2008, with the grammy awards Monster 4444 artist Dr. Dre common research and development belongs to the first paragraph of Monster large earphones, and rapidly becoming the nation. Monster of a company’s success will be the headset brand and fashion, sports, rock and pop vocabulary do the combination of both, attracting a lot of the attention of young fashion and trend of the consumers. Monster benefit from in the past 30 years in the wire and fever left a good image of the field, in introduce new products and establish brand of preliminary road relatively 5555 smoothly.