the ControlTalk feature. In the time I’

1111 And the audio expert team Monster common development, the use of advanced speaker design and dynamic isolation technology cut off from the noise, delivers higher resolution music, proprietary driver technology to the Monster cables connection.Beats the brand is by 2222 giant Monster and North America sound wire rap singer Dr. Dre combine the establishment of brand, trademark is surrounded in silver round in the frame red lowercase b, and there are plenty of Beats By Dre Studio sports stars and celebrities have been using this brand of headset products, for example the last NBA came to Taiwan show, there are many players use this brand of headphones, and it also introduced many special version, for example, yao and other special Gaga if design products.Like most of Monster’s headphones, the Solo HDs include the ControlTalk feature. In the time I’ve been testing these I’ve listened to a wide range of music from hard rock to hip-hop to Broadway musicals (don’t judge!) to easy listening. 3333 Unlike the DiddyBeats and Lady Gaga Heartbeats, the Beats Solo sound great across the musical spectrum. Plus, when I’m rocking podcasts, I don’t have to turn the volume up all the way to block noise.Like most of Monster’s headphones, the Solo HDs include the ControlTalk feature. Up near where the cord connects to the headphones is a small Beats Pro controller that facilitates playback control and a mic for hands-free calling. The volume/playback control aspect will only work with the iPhone and iPod. However, the mic 4444 works on other brands of smart phone (but not all). I’ve been using it with my HTC Evo 4G and find that I can talk at a normal volume and be heard without having to hold the mic closer to my mouth. And since the ‘phones block a lot of noise, I can walk down a busy New York City street and not have to scream to be heard or strain to understand what’s being said. 5555 Sweet.