SA executives said they avoid direct competition with retailers by

I would like to continue my sample sales because as a manufacturer you’re always trying to keep distribution as clean as possible, but if you’re not careful you’re running a retail business from your showroom and the ralph lauren homme Saks Fifth Avenue customer is buying from you at half price. ”

SA executives said they avoid direct competition with retailers by offering only off-season goods or merchandise that has been on retailers’ floors for months.

In fact, said several of them, if the sales are promoted in a low-key manner to a limited market, far from being competition for retailers, they resulted in a healthier sportswear business overall because they are a better alternative than off-price stores.

“As part of revenues, sample sales’ contribution is negligible, less than 1 percent, ” said Laurie Mallet, president of WilliWear, Ltd. “They are more important for solving the problem of space.

“One thousand pieces short ralph lauren of anything is a problem. Instead of giving them to charity why not recover some of that?

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“I think it’s a great system, ” she said. “We need the stores but we also need the sales because we have to deal with this problem. ”

WilliWear cleared 90 ralph lauren enfant percent of  4, 000 to 5, 000 units offered at its June sample sale, held in the basement of 1466 Broadway.

Like other manufacturers, Mallet said sample sales offered several advantages over off-price merchandisers.