Lakers swept by the Los Angeles Clippers

New Jordans 2013 Today the Los Angeles city derby Clippers Clippers rely on home advantage, the lack of Nash’s Lakers can not always organize the game, the game presents a one-sided situation. Although the Lakers often reduce the score of 1 minute, but the Clippers will always continue the score opened. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers trailed by 15 points. Eventually the Clippers to a 109-95 victory over the Lakers, Clippers also achieved the first time since the 1974-75 season, the Lakers swept.
Jordans 2013 Data: – Chris Paul 24 points and 12 assists and five rebounds, Blake – Griffin 24 points and 12 rebounds, 5 assists, Caron – Butler 14; bench: Jamal – Jamal Crawford 20 points, Matt – Barnes 12 points,Lakers: Kobe Bryant – Bryant 25 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists, Dwight – Howard 25 points and four rebounds, Paul – Gasol 12 points and 13 rebounds and eight assists off the bench: El – Clark 11 points, Antoine – Jamison 8 points.The first section begins, the Lakers up will have to play the Clippers a 8-1 Clippers to be outdone, the Clippers inside and outside the bloom, narrowing the score to 2 points, the Lakers once again expand the score 6 points. Suspended back, Eure – Clark recorded two three-point shot, the Clippers scored seven points. The Lakers came back suspended, the Lakers had a good feel cold, Clippers seize the opportunity to play a 14-4 offensive, one stroke ahead of the score. The first section of the end of the the Clippers Lakers lead to 30-25.
Jordan 11 Bred The second section back, Jodi – Meeks three-point shot, the Clippers scored six points, the score 6 points. Suspended back, the Lakers rely on Gasol and Howard continue to attack the basket, reduce the score to 4, the Clippers again extended the score to 6 points. With the Lakers inside hit again, the Lakers will score reduced to 2 minutes. Lakers came back suspended, Caron – Butler outside feel flowering, four seconds before the end of the three-point shot. The end of the half, the Clippers Lakers a 56-49 lead.The half-back, the Clippers rely on outside shooting, playing the Lakers a 8-2, the Lakers played back, scored four points and Butler three-point shot, the score expanded to 14 points. Suspended back, Bryant sent a series assists and scoring, three-point shot, the Clippers Willie – Green, Antoine – Jamison scored four points, the Lakers will reduce the score to 11 points. Clippers came back suspended, the Lakers scored three points by foul. At this point, Chris – Paul cast buzzer hit the end of this section, the Clippers a 82-70 lead Lakers 12 points.The last one, on both sides of each scored four points, remained deadlocked. Suspended back, the score is still no major changes, hovering around 12 points. Pause back Griffin impact of the basket, the score expanded to 15 points, and Kobe Bryant began to force, series was foul successful, one scored 8 points, narrowing the score to 11 points. The Clippers suspended back, once again played a 7-2 offensive, will expand the score to 16 points. Ultimately, the Clippers to a 109-95 victory over the Lakers.