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moncler outlet in length and with 75 – 130 kg in weight. They also can be brilliant rock and tree climbers. Though it had been believed that pandas only eat bamboos, it isn’t true since there can be animal bones found in their digestive tract as zoologists have discovered. Panda bears usually consume small birds and animals. Sure, pandas look so cuddly and lovabl

piumini moncler e but don’t be fooled, they can be really aggressive when provoked. Just like other species, panda Bears also can lead solitary lives except if they are nurturing their cubs and also if mating season is on. The special panda bear markings leave many bewildered and for this, many theories are produced. One theory suggests that there are conditions o n winter snow that produces the light and darks markings to camouflage from their enemies. Worldwide, the panda bear population has increased where it has risen to thousands from the previous 200. Humans are the reason for the species’ close to extinction. Poaching and bear trading is still illegal and it’s important to save their species for the f

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