Premier League – Suarez made ​​points Gerrard lore

New Jordans Season in England [microblogging] 31 the focus of a battle of the Football League at Villa Park stadium fight over Liverpool [microblogging] away 2 to 1 win Aston Villa, the Turk head start, Henderson goal equalized, Gerrard launched into Suarez create penalties to overtake. Liverpool became the first team in England’s top league team to 1800 wins.Liverpool nearly 14 times a guest at the Villa Park only negative one field, Downing into the lore, the Red Army achieved 8 wins, 5 draws and 13 games. Vera strive to the 1992/93 season, the first time since the double play Liverpool. The two sides clash 41 games history of the Premiership, Liverpool 21 wins, 9 draws and 11 losses prevail them away 9 wins, 5 draws and 6 defeats. This is the two sides 184 grips the upper hand after Liverpool 89 wins, 39 draws and 55 losses. Reina injury to return to the starting Carragher, Henderson and Lucas playing rotation.
New Jordans 2013 Four minutes pass in the left Bennett, former Agbonlahor point close shot deflect. Nine minutes, passing Downing, Suarez left edge buckle Banan volley. After 1 minute, Glen Johnson on the right edge of the area – shot to hit Baker deflection after ancient praise. Villa 16 minutes almost broke, Lorton, crossing the ball, unguarded Agbonlahor small edge of the area Tongshe body denied by Reina. 19 minutes pass, Glen – Johnson Suarez 16 yards shot saved ancient praise.25 minutes Kudiniao counterattack in the forward pass, Suarez 12 yards in Baker’s personal interference misses the target. 28 minutes, Westwood pass Agbonlahor restricted area before the shot missed. Villa 31 minutes ahead Agbonlahor edge of the area to stop the ball back to do follow-up the Turk half volley to break. [Click to watch the goals video] This is his 18 goals this season, which the league into 14 balls. Nearly 11 league games into the 9-ball. This season, scored five goals against Merseyside, the last player to achieve this feat, the 2003/04 season, Alan – Shearer.
Jordan 5 Grapes The first 34 minutes, Suarez pass from Gerrard cut into small restricted area on the left edge of the shot Baker timely closure. 36 minutes, Henderson pass, Suarez missed long-range. 38 minutes, Banan biography, the Turk header from the center of the small-angle Reina picked. 41 minutes, Tesla passing mistakes, Suarez left the restricted area eight yards at the pole Tuishe the ancient praise with body denied. 43 minutes, Gerrard left 25 yards volley was ancient praise flying saved. 2 minutes later, Henderson pass, restricted the right shot Suarez was again blocked.